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Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) All of the Benefits. None of the Infrastructure.

Your Single-Source Provider for Infrastructure-Free AMI

With our fully managed infrastructure-free AMI solution, you can leverage existing cellular networks to get the actionable information you need without having to manage gateway infrastructure. Allowing your teams to focus on what they do best—managing operations and serving customers while protecting long-term system investments.

Today’s expanded cellular networks are more secure and reliable than ever before, making infrastructure-free AMI deployments easy, flexible and scalable for your needs using Badger Meter smart water meters.


Eliminates the Need to Deploy Gateway Infrastructure

which means utilities no longer need to worry about ongoing maintenance costs and management of contracts from multiple vendors.

Allows Utilities the Freedom to Choose

vendors and technologies that meet their needs, instead of being tied down because they use a private infrastructure.

Fully Managed Solution at a Flat, Predictable Price

Costs are all upfront meaning no unbudgeted expenses, such as ongoing maintenance contracts and costs for repairing network hardware, that recur over the life of the system.

Data Analytics for Optimal Utility Management

Receive regular updates with the latest endpoint technology to keep your system in step with changes in technology.

Rapid Deployment

Leveraging existing cellular networks allows our AMI solution to be deployed quickly and without hassle on virtually any service, resulting in cost savings and a faster ROI.

24/7 Monitoring with Built-In Data Security

The safe, secure and hassle-free cellular network sends encrypted meter data using the latest security measures to protect utility information.

Unmatched Uptime and Resiliency

Benefit from the exceptional reliability of cellular networks—the first networks to get back up and running after storms and natural disasters—keeping operations safe, secure and emergency ready.

ORION® Cellular Endpoints

Designed for maximum flexibility and streamlined deployment, our ORION® Cellular endpoints offer the water industry a reliable Network as a Service (NaaS) solution. With NaaS, there is no need to install and support utility-owned infrastructure to obtain AMI data. Instead, utilities can utilize the latest cellular network connectivity and infrastructure. ORION Cellular endpoints efficiently and securely accomplish two-way communication of 15-minute interval meter reading data with BEACON® SaaS and provide configurable call-in schedules four times each workday, individually suited to the needs of your utility.