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Automated Water Meter Reading (AMR) Leading Features. Clear Benefits.

Two Approaches. One Comprehensive Meter Reading Solution.

With the Badger Meter Automated Meter Reading (AMR) systems, you can automatically capture water consumption and status data from water meters just by walking or driving by with mobile reading software that collects data and synchronizes with BEACON® AMA hosted software.

Our traditional and mobile automated meter reading solutions combine the latest two-way communication technologies with powerful, cloud-based data analytics.


Improve Customer Service and Identify Leaks Faster.

Both our fixed and mobile reading solutions provide you proactive intelligence for optimal utility management.

Secure, Cloud-Based Data Analytics Platform.

Fast and secure cloud-based meter data collection is ISO 27001 certified, and SCO 2 examined to protect privacy and security.

Seamless Integration with Billing and Other Systems.

Our automated system streamlines data collection with billing processes and other systems to minimize costs and downtime.

Easy Access to Timely Metering Data

Quickly analyze water consumption data over various periods while monitoring and managing usage.

Sleek Consumer Engagement Portal.

To better connect utilities and customers, our portal enables direct access to consumption data to easily view, understand and manage water usage.

Automatic Software Updates and Upgrades.

Rely on updates and upgrades from Badger Meter to keep our software working at peak productivity and efficiency.

ORION® Migratable Endpoints

Our ORION® Migratable (ME) Endpoints are two-way endpoints suited for mobile applications with the option of migrating to fixed network mode to support future utility capabilities. In addition to providing the current and snapped daily reading, the ORION Migratable endpoint two-way functionality allows users to capture data profile information wirelessly, without having to directly access the endpoint, during the normal reading process. An ORION Migratable endpoint is easily upgraded to an ORION Fixed Network endpoint (SE) through a software license.