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Commercial Meters Improve Accuracy. Flexible Installation.


Badger Meter commercial water meters are designed to give you flexibility and control when measuring the rapid, fluctuating water usage of large facilities such as hospitals, universities, manufacturing or process facilities, or other high-volume industrial or commercial applications.

Recordall® Compound Series Meter Two Metering Technologies. One Innovative Package.

With the flexibility to measure volatile flow rates at the same time, Recordall® Compound Series meters combine a positive displacement chamber to measure low flow and a turbine chamber to record high flow in one innovative package.


Recordall Turbo Series Meters

Designed for cold water applications with consistent medium to high flows, Recordall Turbo Series meters will help you reduce your day-to-day maintenance and replacement costs while delivering accurate and efficient performance.


E-Series® Ultrasonic Meters for Commercial Applications High Measurement Accuracy. Maximizes Revenue.

The high accuracy and reliability of our E-Series® Ultrasonic meters, along with no moving parts, increases performance and maximizes revenue in measuring potable cold water applications.