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ORION® Endpoints Capture Interval Meter Reading Data.

Badger Meter offers Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Automated Meter Reading (AMR) endpoint hardware options as part of the ORION product family, including mobile, cellular, and migratable solutions.

ORION® Endpoints

Built on a century of water metering experience, the ORION® product family of endpoints has provided interval meter reading and data capture using two-way communication.

Customizable Solutions to Fit Your Needs.

We offer a choice of managed, traditional fixed network, mobile, and consumer engagement solutions to meet your system management, water meter reading, reporting and outreach needs.

Durable and accurate metering hardware.

Durable and accurate metering hardware. Powerful yet adaptable technology solutions that give you greater visibility to timely, meaningful information.

ORION® Cellular Endpoints No Infrastructure. Rapid Deployment

ORION® Cellular endpoints are an evolution in AMI technology, strengthened by the Network as a Service (NaaS) approach. The innovative endpoints utilize existing IoT (Internet of Things) cellular infrastructure to efficiently and securely accomplish two-way communication of meter reading data via the LTE-M cellular network.

Innovative, two-way cellular endpoints for smart water applications.

AMI Without the Infrastructure.

NaaS solution utilizes existing IoT (Internet of Things) cellular infrastructure to efficiently and securely deliver meter reading data to the utility via the reliable cellular network, eliminating the need for standard, utility-owned infrastructure.

Broadcast Network: LTE-M Cellular Network

Transmissions: Four times per workday, three configurable to suit utility business practices; once per weekend day

Reading Interval: 15-minute

Battery: One (1) lithium thionyl chloride D cell (nonreplaceable)

Dimensions: 5.125 in. (130 mm) (H) 1.75 in. (44 mm) Diameter at top 2.625 in. (W) x 2.875 in. (D) at base 67 mm (W) x 73 mm (D) at base

Broadcast Network: LTE-M cellular network, Mobile backup frequency is FCC-regulated 902 - 928 MHz frequency hopping modulation

Operating Pressure Range: Storage, Meter Reading and Mobile Backup –40 - 60° C (–40 - 140° F) Cellular Communications –20 - 60° C (–4 - 140° F)

Humidity: 0% - 100% condensing

ORION® Cellular Endpoints

ORION® Migratable Endpoint (ME). Accessible Data. Enhanced Customer Service.

The ORION® Migratable endpoint (ME) is a two-way water endpoint for mobile applications, delivering meter reading data and status information to power the BEACON® Software as a Service (SaaS) mobile solution.

The ORION ME endpoint captures data profile information wirelessly for mobile applications.

Easy Access to Data

Allows users to capture data profile information wirelessly without having to directly access the endpoint

Future Capabilities

Easily capable of migrating to fixed network mode to support future utility AMI goals

Enhanced Customer Service

Ability to provide through data profile analysis

Temperature Range: -40 - 140 °F

Humidity:: 0% - 100% condensing

Battery:: One (1) lithium thionyl chloride C cell (nonreplaceable)

Battery Life:: 20 years (calculated)

Dimensions:: 5.125 in. (H); 1.75 in. (W) at top; 2.125 in. (W) at bottom

Broadcast Frequency:: FCC regulated 902 - 928 MHz frequency hopping modulation

Operating Temperature Range: -40 - 60° C (-40 - 140° F) based on storage and meter reading. RF output may be reduced by extremely low temperatures. The water meter should not be subjected to temperatures below freezing.