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Network as a Service (NaaS) Exceptional Network Benefits. No Management Required

Simplified Network Deployment. Unmatched Flexibility.

The Badger Meter Network as a Service (NaaS) solution empowers you to focus on key operational efficiencies by leveraging an existing cellular network that is monitored, managed and maintained on your behalf. This eliminates the need for you to build your own network infrastructure and provides unmatched resilience, security and performance.


Provides Utilities with Enhanced Flexibility.

BEACON® Software as a Service (SaaS) combined with ORION® Cellular Network as a Service (NaaS) provides you with 15-minute interval data right at your fingertips without having to deal with the daily operational and maintenance challenges that come with owning and maintaining a traditional data-collector fixed network

Simplifies Network Deployment.

NaaS solutions greatly minimize deployment timelines because you do not need to erect radio towers or lease infrastructure space, allowing you to reap the benefits of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) almost immediately.

Involves a Single-Source Provider

There are no third-party network maintenance contracts to manage or cellular carrier contracts or negotiations to handle.

Industry Leading Performance.

Provides access to one of the largest and most reliable cellular networks in North America, with a 99.999% failure standard, minimizing any potential network downtime and making sure your readings are collected without interruption.

Network/Data Security.

Our ORION® Cellular endpoints securely transmit metering data in an encrypted format over a private network for advanced safety.

Competitive Advantage.

Our BEACON SaaS solution provides NaaS as part of our standard offering for the full life of the product—not a limited period like other manufacturers.

Predictable Budgeting.

Our NaaS solution eliminates the need to budget for future capital expenditures for network repairs and replacements.

Unmatched Resiliency.

Utilizes a robust and reliable cellular network that is among the most dependable wireless systems available, with a 99.999% uptime.

ORION® Cellular Endpoints

Designed for maximum flexibility and streamlined deployment, our ORION® Cellular endpoints offer the water industry a reliable Network as a Service (NaaS) solution. With NaaS, there is no need to install and support utility-owned infrastructure to obtain AMI data. Instead, utilities can utilize the latest cellular network connectivity and infrastructure. ORION Cellular endpoints efficiently and securely accomplish two-way communication of 15-minute interval meter reading data with BEACON® SaaS and provide configurable call-in schedules four times each workday, individually suited to the needs of your utility.