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Water Quality Monitoring Digital Solutions. Actionable Insights.

To water-centric operations, frequent and precise monitoring at critical points in the system is the most cost-effective means of driving down complaints, improving compliance ratings and reducing operating expenditures.

Leakage and burst reduction through data-led network calming

Our innovative network calming and transient analysis tools, including pressure waveform classification, event source triangulation and smart event alarms, can calm your network, mitigating and reducing future leakage effectively and quickly.

  • Leakage and burst reduction through data-led network calming
  • Detect and locate leaks via acoustic leak detection
  • Improve critical response times via burst locating alarms
  • Extend asset lifetimes with operational insights
  • Transformative insights into pumped main performance

The Syrinix solution includes:

  • Device deployment planning
  • RADAR and advanced pressure analysis
  • Force main and lift station monitoring
  • 2-in-1 leak detection and transient analysis
  • Customer service and support

Water Quality and Gas Monitoring Solutions from ATi Smart Water Quality Monitoring Solutions, From Source to Tap

Probes: Reagent-free water quality monitoring of over 20 parameters for rivers, water treatment, potable distribution, process and waste water treatment.

MetriNet: A customized and modular smart water data collection system comprised of a modular media flow system with up to 8 flow chambers in which its industry-leading M-node sensors (sensor and transmitter housed within a miniature body) connect.

Monitoring Stations: Industry’s first, ground-breaking range of smart water quality monitors including MetriNet, SeptiNet, NephNet, ChlorNet and SiteBox.

Water Quality and Gas Monitoring Solutions from s::can Intelligent Digital Sensor Technology

Probes Spectrometric, amperometric, ino-selective, optical and other maintenance-free single and multi-parameter probes—s::can is known for reagent-free water quality monitoring.

Monitoring Stations Simple packaged deployment with powerful and versatile industrial process control terminals.

Pipe::Scan An NSF-approved, no-waste/no-loss media monitoring station that houses multiple s::can probes and attaches directly to your distribution piping.